Sync Quantity to Sears from Sellercloud – Manage Inventory

How to Manage Stock of Sears Listing using Sellercloud or Update / Edit / Revise Quantity from Sellercloud to Sears

Inventory Management is the most important part of E-commerce Business. Generally quantity changes frequently, mostly when we list our item on multiple marketplaces.  If the item volume is small or order volume is low then it is OK to update the qty manually in every marketplace. But if we have a large collection of items in multiple store and the order volume is large, then it is quite difficult to manage the inventory or update the inventory of each item frequently in our hand. Also, it is time-consuming to change or edit inventory after placing an order in other marketplaces. To avoid this kind of issue we use third-party inventory management software to manage or control the inventory. Sellercloud is one of the best third-party tools for E-commerce business. In this document, we will show how to manage quantity in Sears through Sellercloud.

There are two main part where we need to focus

  • When item listed from Sellercloud to Sears
  • When item listed directly in Sears backend

When item listed from Sellercloud to Sears

When we list item from Sellercloud to Sears, That means we use Sellercloud interface to list the item on Sears, In that case, we do not need to do anything to sync the quantity to the marketplace. Quantity or Inventory will automatically sync and update when it listed from sellercloud.

When item listed directly in Sears backend

If the item is not listed from SellerCloud or the item listed directly from marketplace dashboard in that case how we manage inventory to Sears using Sellercloud? In this article, we will discuss the process of syncing quantity to Sears from Sellercloud.

Process of directly listed item of Sears backend:

To sync quantity properly from Sellercloud to sears we need to make sure that the item is enabled in Sears Properties page as well as the Merchant SKU of Sears is filled with correct SKU.

Note: Normally we use same SKU in all the marketplaces, in that case, we do not need to work here in Sears Merchant SKU, It will automatically be filled by the system but if we have different SKU in the marketplace at that time we need to put that SKU in the Sears Merchant SKU field.

There are two ways to make item Sears Enable on Sellercloud.

  • Manual Process.
  • Bulk Operation using  Excel or CSV files.

Manual Process:In manual Process, We have to go to Sears Properties page and enable each and every item manually. It is preferable when the item volume is small. The main drawback is, this process is time-consuming. However, if item volume is small we can work manually one by one and to do that, at first we need to go to the “Sears Properties” page from manage Inventory Page and click on Sears Icon ‘S’

In Sears Properties page you will see the Red Cross Mark, Although to sync quantity only we do not need to remove the Red Mark by giving all the information, we just need to enable the item by giving tick mark on the given Box

As well as we need to put the Merchant SKU of Sears in the field of ‘Sears merchant SKU’

Then Save the page with New properties

After clicking on the Save button you get notification of saving successfully.

Now it is OK to sync quantity but not instantly, Quantity will sync to Sears after some time according to System but if anyone wants instant sync, then need to click Select Action Dropdown and select ‘Update Inventory Sears’. Then Click on ‘Go’  Quantity will sync to Sears.

Sears Enable using Excel files:

The process of enabling can be done through Excel or CSV file so that we can process thousands of SKU at a time. It will save huge time. At first, we have to prepare feed file with correct Headers, just like the following screenshot below.

Now it’s the time for the most important part, File Submit process. In order to submit the file to Sellercloud, We need to go to “Bulk upload products”. Then click create products if none exist.

Then, We will find two drop-down for our company name. We need to Select a company name from the drop-down. Then need to choose our file. Then Select the file type from the dropdown. Last of all click submit.

After submitting the file, we will get a confirmation from Seller Cloud 

As soon as we get the confirmation from Seller Cloud, we can check the status of that item. Click on “Click here To Monitor Schedule”.  After completing the process we can get status complete


First of all, We need to go to “Select Action” and get dropdown & select  “Update Inventory Sears” and click on “Go”. By this way we can push or force the updated quantity to Sears.

In this article, we tried to clarify all the important point of Managing Inventory in Sears from Sellercloud. But still, if anyone has any confusion or question, Please contact us.

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