At eComClips, we believe everyone is capable of greatness. So we have created a positive, supportive workplace where each team member can grow and thrive. We are always looking for skilled, creative and passionate people from all over Bangladesh to join us in building the best in class eCommerce solutions. If you feel you’ve got what it takes, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are looking for personnel in these positions

FRESH DEVELOPERS (CSE Graduated Students)
IT OFFICER (IT Graduated Students)
DATA ENTRY SPECIALIST (Students of All Faculty)
FRESH DEVELOPERS (CSE Graduated Students)
IT OFFICER (IT Graduated Students)
DATA ENTRY SPECIALIST (Students of All Faculty)

Benefits You Will Enjoy

We are expanding business and people to meet our client’s demands. You are warmly
welcomed to join our team, where we offer attractive benefits to support your daily performance.

English Training

Because we work directly with international clients, you will constantly sharpening your ability to communicate in English. eComClips has in-house English courses taught by English speaking instructors to develop your ability to understand and be proficient at Business Communicative English. Our in-house English Training combines business terms and conducts, technical communication and daily conversation. This training will ensure progressive and continuous language improvement.

BPO Training

As a leading BPO company in Bangladesh, Our success relies on smooth Project Management and effective teamwork. We provide training opportunities to develop your knowledge of best practices for Business Process Outsourcing and methodologies, as well as interpersonal and organizational skills.

Knowledge Exchange Initiative

Every Saturday we organize a knowledge exchange event to promote free flow of knowledge between the different teams and departments. This is an opportunity for our Team members to share their expert knowledge to the rest of the company.

Technical Training

Technical skills empowers our ability to provide exceptional development services, so we provide ample opportunities for you to participate in training programs and courses that will keep you abreast of the latest developments in programming languages, project management, and cutting-edge technologies. You will work together with your manager to select training opportunities that are aligned with your needs and your career objectives.


Each year, we benchmark our salaries to ensure that we remain competitive with the outside market. Salaries are based on the team member’s skills, technology expertise and experience. We view salaries as an opportunity for you to share the success of our company.


After passing the probation period, you will enjoy annual paid leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, religious holidays, National and International holidays.

Other Benefits

We enjoy organizing and participating in a variety of fun activities inside and outside of our office. We organize monthly parties, team outings, company trips & events, gaming tournaments, and more to keep our team happy and productive. We also offer additional health insurance for our Team Members.

Office Environment

eComClips has created an exciting working environment with modern office infrastructure. Equipped with latest tools and equipments, our facilities promote maximum productivity. Our family oriented culture was created to foster a strong intercultural respect, work ethic and high spirit among our team members.

We have an exceptional team and we strive to create a very good work environment for our Team members. Our staff retention rate speaks volumes about eComClips’s working conditions and how committed our team members are. Keeping our team members happy and motivated is one of our key focus points.

If you are interested to join our team, do not hesitate just send us your cover letter with detailed resume, transcripts and certificates directly to

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