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ChannelAdvisor provides cloud-based eCommerce software solutions and publishes widely followed e-commerce sales data. ChannelAdvisor connects its retail customers with new and existing sources of demand for their products, including e-commerce marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Newegg, as well as digital marketing channels, such as Google, Bing, NexTag, Facebook and Pinterest. ChannelAdvisor offers a completely adaptable eCommerce platform that can be personalized as per the needs of online retailers and merchants depending upon the size of their inventory, and eCommerce channels and marketplaces, they would like to target. However, multichannel synchronization and management using ChannelAdvisor remains a concenrn for several online retailers.

eComClips combines the skills, in-depth knowledge and best practices in managing ChannelAdvisor platform to create product listings for different marketplaces. We help you boost your online presence, product sales and conversion figures. We create Channel advisor compatible optimized product listings feed comprised of all the pertinent data and contents such as product titles, descriptions, manufacturer/ brand name, SKUs, images, attributes, etc. Our in-house ChannelAdvisor professionals are well versed in managing the system according to the guidelines as suggested by each marketplace.

Looking for a channeladvisor data entry services?

eComClips will be the partner for all your ChannelAdvisor data entry and account management needs.

Channeladvisor account data management services offered by ecomclips in brief

ChannelAdvisor Product Listing:

At eComClips, we help you list your products across hundreds of eCommerce channels, marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and Web store programs. We help you to optimize your ChannelAdvisor account with accurate information such as search engine friendly titles, descriptions, competitive prices, SKU, UPC, Category, Taxonomy and many more. Our experts meticulously enter the details in csv files or spreadsheets, while adhering to the product upload guidelines of each third-party marketplace.

Product Category Management:

At eComClips, we accurately classify your products in appropriate categories and sub-categories to designated marketplaces, making sure these items easy to locate and quickly visible thus maximizing the chance for a sale.

Product Mapping:

ChannelAdvisor Experts at eComClips will map the marketplace listings in ChannelAdvisor, Connecting ChannelAdvisor database accurately with the product data for each marketplace and comparison shopping engine, web store thus ensuring that the information is consistent and up-to-date across all the sales channels.

Product Description Writing:

The Content writers at eComClips are talented and very good at creating original and compelling product descriptions. As Google drastically reducing the page rank of those sites which post copied content, our content writers will not only produce the product details available on the manufacturer’s website but also collect and research content from other sources and combine then to make it unique and intelligently content that convert the visitors into potential customers. It will also ensure that your eStore remains at the very top of the page ranks.

Product Image Editing and Upload:

Our photo editors will give your product images a sleek and attractive look. We will erase all spots, background and blemishes from your product images and adjust the light, color and contrast on them. In case you are not capable to supply us with the product images, we can source them from the manufacturer’s or distributors websites. We will give all the images SEO friendly tags. We adhere to the image upload guidelines of each online channel to crop/ resize image, remove/ change background, adjust brightness, filter images, etc.

Product Variations Setup:

Our ChannelAdvisor data entry experts can setup a product variation to provide multiple attributes of each item, enabling customers to choose between similar products that vary only by a common attribute like size or color. This ensures ultimate shopping experience to customers.

ChannelAdvisor Product Re-Pricer for Amazon:

Our experts can help you setup and use smart repricing and price watch features that come with ChannelAdvisor Re-Pricer, We continuously monitor price changes on Amazon for your products or your competitors and adjust prices / repricing logics or conditions accordingly.

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